Johan Potgieter

Johan Potgieter, the Senior Partner, grew up in KwaZulu Natal. He matriculated at Port Natal High School in Durban in 1960. In his teenage years he became interested in Law. During 1961 he joined the Department of Justice and studied Law through Unisa while working. In 1969 he was promoted to Magistrate and worked as such for ten years when he decided to become an Attorney. He was admitted to the Side Bar in 1981 and has been practicing in different areas of the Law since then.

At present he consentrates on the following Legal work:
  1. Personal injury claims resulting from various causes such as, motor vehicle accidents, canine attacks, medical negligence, assault and slip and fall.
  2. Family Law- divorces, maintenance, custody disputes.
  3. Mediation in Family Law matters.
  4. Commercial Law- Contracts,partnerships, companies and purchase and sale.
Litigation in High and Lower Courts concerning the abovementioned matters.