divorce law


Until death or divorce do us part…

Once you and your spouse decide to call it quits, go and consult your attorney in order to get proper assistance and start the legal process to get divorced.  It is important to get proper legal advice and attorneys are trained to protect your rights and know the procedure to secure same.

What you are entitled to will depend on a few factors, most importantly the matrimonial regime of your marriage, in other words, are you married:-

  • In community of property?;
  • Out of community of property subject to the accrual?;
  • Out of community with no accrual?.

The decisions you take before you get married will have an effect on what you are entitled to when you separate.  Go and consult your attorney for advice.  It is important to protect yourself!

The divorce process can take some time depending on whether you can reach a settlement (come to an agreement) or not.  If you cannot settle the matter, it will be more time consuming and also more expensive. 

Make sure that divorce is the only option left and then make an appointment and consult your attorney.



to ammend your will after your divorce is granted.

Many people have suffered injustice because a first wife or husband inherited everything, instead of actual marriage partners and children.