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Services We Provide

Personal Injuries

Our firm handles claims resulting from personal injury caused by vehicle accidents, assault, medical negligence, canine attacks, slipping and falling as well as other injuries caused by negligent conduct...

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General Litigation

We attend to litigation in the High Court, Supreme Court of Appeal, Magistrate’s Court and Criminal Court.  We offer professional advice on the prospects of success in, and will attend...

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Debt Collection

Some debtors may co-operate and usually make an offer to pay the debt in installments. In the event that the debtor does not co-operate with you, the client, will be forced to proceed with the issue of a summons...


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Divorce & Maintenance

Once you and your spouse decide to call it quits, go and consult your attorney in order to get proper assistance and start the legal process to get divorced.  It is important to get proper legal advice and attorneys are trained to protect your rights...

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